On Wednesdays, or a Sense of Community is Good for the Soul

This may sound strange to the TGIF-type people of the world, but Wednesday is the highlight of my week. It’s not as odd as it sounds, after all Wednesday night is when my knit group meets.

Now, if you’re not a knitter or part of one of these groups, that may in itself sound kind of odd. After all, how much interesting conversation can you have about the knit or the purl? Seriously, once you’ve covered those two topics, you’ve pretty much covered it all, right?

Not right. In fact, not even close. The fact is that while my knitters (and crocheters, we are an inclusive group) do talk about the finer points of technique and help each other with patterns, the truth is that the group is much more than that. As one of the women in the group remarked recently, outside of knitting, many of us have very little in common. And yet, we are a group of kindred spirits, sisters (and one brother), cut of one cloth and dyed in the wool, so to speak.

Our knit group is a chance to chat about the exotic or the mundane, to kvetsch about our minor annoyances, and to get advice about many things. Our topics range far, from the naughty to the nice. And we are inclusive – welcoming anyone who shows up with sticks and string. We care about each other, support each other, and even worry about each other if someone misses the group for a while.

You might think this a unique occurrence – after all, some groups are really special. And these folks are. But, it’s not the first knitting group where I felt this way. Over the years, knitters have helped me move from making basic squares to socks and sweaters. It was one of my knit groups (yes, you Lorna and Rachel) that got me interested in spinning and helped me get going. One knitter even let my entire family stay with her when we had a gap between real estate transactions. Now, that’s a caring community.

This doesn’t just have to be a knitting thing. Who is your community? Where do you feel warm and welcomed? And if you don’t have such a place, why don’t you be the one who creates it?


2 thoughts on “On Wednesdays, or a Sense of Community is Good for the Soul

  1. eileen says:

    i agree. all of my knitting friends offer something special about themselves.
    i love what a diverse group we are and brought together with the love of creating–hopefully–something beautiful. actually some beautiful friendships.

  2. Lorna says:

    We are a group of enablers in all things in life – whether craft, family issues, technology or work related and even just imbibing in the successes of our friends!

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