On Thursdays, Or Unseen Kindness

Thursdays are pretty good days around here too. You see, early in the dark hours of the morning, a person I’ve never met walks through rain, snow, dark, and gloom to leave loveliness in a box on my porch. Fresh creamery milk, locally made artisan cheeses, eggs from chickens who lived a happy life running through a barnyard, you get the picture. This guy (I assume it’s a guy, I’ve never seen him) probably thinks he’s just a milkman but to me, he’s doing a small, kind act that really brightens my day. It’s like finding gifts on your doorstep when you open the door at dawn.

The same thing happens later in the day when the fruit and veggie guy brings my bin from Mile High Organics. Him, I have seen, and I always try to wave and say thank you before I bring in the bin and dig through it to see what he’s brought. It’s a bit like having Christmas every week.

You see, it’s not just fruit and veg or milk and eggs that they bring, it’s the possibilities. The joy of fresh ingredients, many of which are grown on local farms or by small organic operations, is in the promise that they hold. It’s fruited bread pudding with ice cream or locally grown beets (yes, even beets!) or pot roast with shiitake and oyster mushrooms. It’s grilled cheese made with bread from the French bakery and artisan veggie farmer cheese. I’m not even that much of a cook, I just love the possibility that they hold – and the promise of a meal enjoyed with people I care about.

If you’re lucky enough to live in a place where the groceries arrive at your door, or even if they don’t – take a minute today to think about the people who do little things in your life to make it better. I suspect that there are more of them than you think.

Now, if only I could get them to deliver yarn and spinning fiber to my house every week, I’d never have to go out again!


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