Dreams and Nightmares

In a recent conversation, a friend recounted a dream she’d had recently that was both very vivid and quite disturbing. Truthfully, I’ve always envied people just a bit who have vivid dreams and can remember them, because either I don’t dream all that often or I don’t remember them when I wake. Although that usually spares me the disturbing dreams like my friend had, it also means that I sometimes feel that I’m missing something.

But not always. Apparently Sunday night was my turn. It seems that my subconscious felt I should get to relive an episode from my past, up close and in technicolor. Only with just that little bit of Clockwork Orange surrealism added for good measure. I woke up annoyed and anxious. Not a good way to start a Monday.

Psychologists will tell you that dreams often have significance in your waking life, which makes this all the more surreal because there’s really no reason for this to arise at this point in my life. My theory (and I’m sticking to it) is just that there’s some random old stuff floating around in my brain and every now and then it hits a trip wire of some sort – et voila! A dream worthy of French cinema.

So what to do when your week starts like that? I did the only thing I could do. I sat down with a sock and began knitting. As each stitch went on the needle, I relaxed just a little bit more. It didn’t take very long before I was feeling much more like myself and had exercised those night visions right out of my head.

So, fellow knitters, take an ounce of prevention and always have a project at hand for times like these. If you’re not a knitter, I’m not sure what to recommend but I hope you have a self-soothing ritual that is equally effective. You see, we all need that little thing that gives us comfort when we need it, sort of an adult version of the teddy bear. For me, it seems to be sock knitting. What is it for you?

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