Why Politicians Should Be Required to Knit

I promised myself that my blog would not be political but today I am going to touch on politics. That said, no matter what your party affiliation is, hang in there with me because I think you’ll find that this isn’t going where you expect.

As I’ve said before, when my knit group meets, we touch on a lot of topics including sometimes the verboten – sex, religion and politics. The other night, we had a conversation about the issue of healthcare and insurance in America.

It was an interesting discussion. There were four of us, and we all had somewhat differing views. But what I found most interesting wasn’t the views themselves but the tenor of the conversation.

You see, we were talking about one of the most heated, controversial topics in America. And yet everyone there was listening, being respectful of each other’s opinions, and there was nary a diatribe or rant in sight. No one called anyone a bad name and no one had to apologize for their behavior. It proves that Americans can have a civil political discourse if we try.

So, politicians, take a cue from the knitters. Instead of talking in sound bites and trying to score points with people on the far right or left, let’s have a real discussion. Let’s listen to each other and work together with a spirit to improve our country. A pipe dream? Perhaps. But our little group proves it can be possible if we try.

4 thoughts on “Why Politicians Should Be Required to Knit

  1. Dana says:

    Absolutely true. I don’t know why some people find it difficult to listen to other’s opinions and respect them. No one is forcing it down your throat, so sit back listen and you may just learn something.

  2. Jean says:

    Darn, sorry I was on the other end of the room for that one….

  3. eileen says:

    there was a photographer at one of our group meetings at the library–his comment was. he said there were a lot of women talking and listening, the only hand movement was for knitting and no fighting. and i know there were some interesting topics being bantered about.

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