Why I am a Homebody

Those who know me well will know that I’ve been a business traveler most of my career. From my very early days as a working mother, trying to balance babies and working, I was on the road a significant part of the time. Nowadays, since my babies are grown and my husband travels too, you might think that I wouldn’t mind travel so much, but the truth is that I dislike it as much as ever.

For those who don’t travel for a living, business travel sounds like a glamorous way of life. After all, you get to see new places, stay in hotels and eat in restaurants at company expense. What’s not to like, right? And given the number of people I know who continue to travel week in and week out, it took me a while to figure this out. Business travel isn’t glamorous or fun. After all, if you’ve seen one Holiday Inn, you really have seen them all. But it runs deeper than that.

The truth is that I’m a person with a deep sense of community and I need my people around me. I’ve traveled out of necessity but always with a sense of loss that comes from not being with the people I care about – my family, my community of knitters – and feeding my creative side with spinning wheels and fiber. Home is where I belong. When I travel, I feel a deep longing for home, my place, where people know and care about me. And I miss my dogs immensely; they are my constant companions when I am home.

Is that silly or shallow? Maybe. But I think our electronically connected world often misses the joy of the simple human connection – between friends who can have a whole conversation with only a few words, or between a woman and her dog, the creature that knows my habits even better than I do.

So my friends, I’m sure it won’t be long until I depart on another business trip. But in the meantime, let’s take a few minutes to celebrate the joys of simply being home. Put down the TV remote, hug your loved ones, and revel in what it feels like to be in that one place where you really truly belong. Even if it’s only until you pack your suitcase for the next trip.


4 thoughts on “Why I am a Homebody

  1. You don’t have to talk to me about being a “home body” – I am the master! (And yes, I agree that the business travel at first is fun, exciting and interesting – especially certain places) but it does get wearisome very quickly!

    Enjoy your time at your “comfort” place (kind of like comfort food!)

  2. Concetta says:

    I agree totally, Mardee. Business travel is only glamorous in the beginning – or when you’re in a fabulous place like Hawaii or the Caribbean and can tack on an extra vacation day or two. If you’ve seen one Holiday Inn in rural somewhere, you’ve seen them all – and none of them are really better than any of the other hotels out there.

  3. Dana says:

    I only traveled sporadically for business. My husband however, would travel almost every week. I missed him terribly and all he wanted was to come home to his family. Well said Mardee, as we have all heard, “there is no place like home”!

    • mardeeknits says:

      Thanks, everyone for their comments. Dana, I had no idea that Art traveled all those years – you definitely must know what it’s like for me that David is gone all the time these days.

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