Pineapple Dreams

Thanks to my recent cold / sinus problems, I’ve been taking a lot of cold medicine. In fact, maybe a bit too much. I took some the other night and tried to get to sleep, only to find that I had some very weird dreams. They were brief, more along the lines of the movie shorts that they show on the Independent Film Channel than any big saga.

The only part I remembered the next morning starred a famous knitter and flying knitted pineapples. At first, this seemed a bit surreal but then I remembered recently reading his blog post about a pattern he was working on.

This particular knitter, Franklin Habit, does many cool things, but among them is taking Victorian-era knitting patterns and figuring them out so that the rest of us can knit them.  The pattern in question was a bag shaped like a pineapple. Apparently these were quite popular in their day and the finished product that is really quite cool.  Even cooler, he has now published the pattern on Knitty so the rest of us can knit it too. And given how badly written many of these Victorian patterns were, it’s quite an accomplishment and very kind of him to share it with the knitting community. In my dream, I was on the hunt for just the right color of yellow to knit these pineapples and I couldn’t find it.  Franklin must have come by to help. I can’t explain the flying pineapples except to say that his work must be magic!

Thanks, Franklin, for sharing this little bit of history with the rest of us. You’re a true talent and we appreciate you spending the effort to bring these old patterns back to life.

For more on Franklin’s pattern or to knit it yourself, check it out here on

To read more about the challenges he had creating this pattern, check out his blog here: (While you’re there, check out his cartoons too. They are hilarious!)


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