Staying Positive

I’m having a crap week. You know, the kind where the universe just decides to send you a bunch of crazy small stupid stuff that is annoying and just sets you off your game. And it is small stupid stuff, like a fight with my husband, a minor issue with a medical test, and a sinus infection that is taking forever to go away. Oh, and a crazy lady in the Costco parking lot. And a new set of bifocals that at least at first are giving me headaches. You know this kind of stuff, I’m sure it happens to you too.

None of these are life and death issues. All are just normal life stuff that seems to come in bunches. Or maybe it doesn’t actually come in bunches but I just usually brush them off instead of having them stick to me like they seem to be this week. It’s hard to say why I’m feeling negative but I have definitely decided not to let it get to me.

You see, when I started writing this blog, it had an interesting effect. For you, my readers, I come into your life every day for just a little bit, and I take that seriously. If I’m on an angry rant, that will affect your day and not in a good way. So, every day I work on trying to find something positive to say, some life lesson we can think about, or some small act of kindness that can turn my view around. It’s caused me to look harder to find that little bit of light in life even when I’m having a crazy week.

This week, the little bit of light that I needed came in the form of a small pink envelope that arrived in my mailbox yesterday.

The little pink envelope; a gift of light from a friend.

No one ever sends written notes anymore, so getting one felt like a real gift. When I opened it, it was even more of a gift. You see, it was a thank you note from a dear friend in Illinois who’s been enjoying my blog and took the time to write to me about it. She’s an amazing person, not just a skillful knitter, but one of the most generous people I’ve met. In fact, she let my entire family stay with her when we had a gap between real estate transactions, and she dealt with all the crazy that comes from having taking in a family with two teenagers, two Westies, and an ancient cat. Knowing her has been a gift, and here yet again, she was supporting and helping me. Thanks, Val.

I hope for you, my readers, that you have people in your life who send you a little bit of light now and then, even if they don’t know that you need it. I also hope you’ll join me in taking up the practice of sending light to others when you can. It won’t always be in the form of a little pink envelope, but whatever it is,  it can be a powerful cure for what ails us.


3 thoughts on “Staying Positive

  1. Jean says:

    thanks, Mardee.. I hope you know that you are that person for many of us in the knit group!!!! Happy Thursday..

  2. Dana says:

    I too look forward to your blog, be it on a positive note or a little rant. We all need a little rant in our lives to let the steam out. I too agree that Val is one of the kindest and most generous people I know. If you want a definition of a good human being, then just look up “Val”.

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