Celebrating Westie Haircut Day

The harbinger of spring at our house isn’t robins, it’s Westie haircut day. You see, we let them grow out a bit over the winter and then when it starts to get warm, it’s time for spring haircuts. Sadly for my Westies, their mom has decided to go without a groomer and do the haircuts at home herself, with dad’s help.

It’s an interesting process and really proves to me what great dogs I have. Both stand quite still, aren’t wiggly, and don’t get grouchy or nippy. They also don’t seem to care that they are getting the worst haircuts of their lives. You see, a Westie breed standard is harder than it looks, especially if you’ve never been to dog grooming school and have a challenge even getting a straight cut with the clippers.  Since we’ve been hiking a lot and are tired of picking burrs and having a car laden with mud, we went for a short cut this spring.

Both dogs look a bit like they got too close to the hedge trimmers, but we did the best we could, and I think each time we do this we are getting a bit better. That leaves lots of room for improvement, though, as we are nowhere near as good as the groomer we had in Chicagoland. (On the other hand, aside from the investment in equipment, clipping at home is free and I’m sure she had the benefit of experience and training).

Both Westies are now sporting short spring haircuts and we celebrated by heading up to Boulder for a hike in Mountain Park. It was a beautiful day, in the 70’s and clear skies. The park was crowded (Boulder being a college town, lots of college kids were also out for a hike). It definitely made me feel old going up the first hill, which gains about 500 feet in altitude in about a quarter mile, with all these college kids racing past us. Ah, to be young again. Still, we were not the oldest people on the mountain as there were people of all ages out to enjoy the Colorado beauty that day. The Westies sure enjoyed it, pulling ahead the whole way, even up the steep parts.

Celebrating Westie Haircut Day with a hike in the mountains. We really are Rocky Mountain doggies these days, and we do love to hike.

I hope that you have a fun ritual of your own to celebrate spring. Perhaps you’re like the pioneers who made spring tonics from the first leaves of the season, or maybe you take a walk and count robins or baby rabbits. No matter what it is, I hope you get a good dose of sunshine and that lovely feeling of shedding the darkness of winter and walking out into the light. As for me, I missed a spot with the sunscreen so I’ve already got my first sunburn of the season. Happy Spring everyone!


5 thoughts on “Celebrating Westie Haircut Day

  1. Concetta says:

    Looks like the Westies are taking to Colorado as well as you and your husband have!

    Its nice to hear other people have these small rituals in life. Its the little things that keep one happy and even out the bumps in the road of life, I think.

    • mardeeknits says:

      Yes, they do seem to like it here! As we’ve discovered, Westies were bred for climbing rocks and they are fearless! Also, love your comment about evening out the bumps in the road of life – so true!

  2. jean says:

    Westie Haircut day should be a national holiday…

  3. Dana says:

    The Westies look cute! Good job the two of you. I’m glad that you have adapted to Colorado and are truly enjoying your time there. We do miss you of course!

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