Oh, for Coffee

A sad thing happened in my life last fall. After a lifetime of loving coffee and drinking copious amounts of it every day, I had to give it up. While I still loved coffee deeply, it did not love me back and my body was being ultra-grouchy about it.

You might not think that it would be that hard, giving up something like coffee. After all,  you can always switch to tea, right? And I did…buying lovely organic teas from a local tea shop run by British people who really know their tea and blend it right there in the shop. (P.S. – If you ever make it to Tealeaves, also try the scones. They are awesome). The problem was, that compared to the bright bitterness that I found in my favorite dark roasted coffees, tea was pretty bland. In fact, really really bland. While I eventually grew to tolerate and even like it, I still missed my coffee.

Some have speculated that my dietary troubles were related to stress, and I suspect that they were right. So, after a few months of drinking tea instead, I got up the courage to try coffee again. And so far, while I’m still limiting the amount, it’s going okay. The problem is that in starting back on coffee, I was less choosy about which coffee I would drink.

I was in the mood to try something different, so I picked up a new brand of coffee at Costco. And while 10 years ago, I’d have probably loved this coffee, I’ve become more discerning in my tastes and I. Hate. It. It has a muddy flavor and it misses that lovely sharpness that a good French Roast has. And I’ve got 2.5 pounds of it, which for a person who only has 2 cups of coffee a day is going to last F.O.R.E.V.E.R.

So, I decided to give myself a little spring coffee makeover. I have this giant Cuisinart 12-cup coffeemaker on my counter, so I end up making a full pot (to get proper flavor) and throwing away most of it. And I’m using this awful coffee which is just not cutting it. So, as part of my makeover, I’m off to get some nice locally roasted beans and a French Press. That should do it.

Wish me luck. Hopefully tomorrow morning you’ll see me, favorite cup in hand, enjoying the steam off a cup of lovely local coffee. At least I’m going to give it a shot.

Every knitter should have their favorite knitting-themed cups to help enjoy the morning. This one is a favorite because it's hand-made by a local artist and of course, features a sheep.

This one is a favorite because it was a gift from my friend Jen. And of course, it has much sheepiness. It's also cool because it was made in Ireland.


2 thoughts on “Oh, for Coffee

  1. Concetta says:

    Use the rest of that coffee to help with gardening (if you have one, I can’t remember). Life’s too short to deal with crappy yarn, bad coffee, or poor service.

    That being said, I’ve heard good things about Storm Mountain Coffee Roasters and Colorado Coffee Merchants, if you’re looking for a new brand. Parker’s got a couple roasters of its own but I don’t know if they sell to consumers or not and the reviews are mixed on the quality.

    • mardeeknits says:

      Thanks, Concetta! I love to garden but our yard here is very tiny and the HOA is very fussy so we don’t have space to do it. I ended up (for now) with Starbuck’s french roast but definitely will be looking for something locally roast. Thanks for the ideas!!

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