Calling in Distracted

It’s Friday and it’s a beautiful day out. In fact, it’s been lovely all week. Everyone I talk to seems to have spring fever and just needs to get away from their work to refresh their heads.

In my work, it’s the same. I’m working on a manual describing how a computer system works. It’s actually not bad work, compared to what a lot of people do for a living, and I think I’m fairly good at it. The tough part (this week at least) is that it’s pretty boring. Write a little, test a little, go dig through an XML file to figure something out, write a little more.

Meanwhile, the Westies are sleeping in the sun on the deck and I’m uber-jealous.

Even though I can’t take the day off, I think I will take a mental break for the weekend. First, I’m going to knock off early and take my bike into the bike shop so it’s ready for the season. Then, I’m going out with friends for drinks, appetizers and laughs. And, I plan to do my best to stay offline and engaged in the warm weather as much as I can this weekend.

Here’s to spring, folks, and to spending your weekend engaged with nature and people. See you next week!

One thought on “Calling in Distracted

  1. Dana says:

    Sounds great, have a wonderful weekend.

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