Holy Week

For Christians, this week is known as ‘Holy Week,’ or the week that we commemorate the death and resurrection of Jesus. For my father (as for other pastors, I assume), this was the most important week of the year.

Americans make a big deal out of Christmas, but I’ve always thought that a bit odd because the most important part of the story happens this week. The fact that it coincides with spring, rebirth and new life, just seems fitting.

Today is Good Friday, in which many churches will be reliving the death of Jesus. Good Friday has always been my least favorite day of the church year. The services are dark and gloomy, and we are commemorating death and sadness. Yes, I know the end of the story and that on Sunday we’ll be marching in with orchids and trumpets blazing, but this celebration of death  just makes me uncomfortable. After all, wasn’t the real promise of Jesus about life?

In my faith, the real message of Jesus is about how we treat each other, how we live our lives, and how to create peace and justice in our world. That’s what I’ll be focusing on this year, not death but a true guide for life. And a promise that when I’m done here, life does not end but goes on to a better place.

For those of you who are Christian, happy Easter. For my Jewish friends, I wish you a blessed Passover. For those not celebrating a holiday this weekend, I hope you enjoy the beautiful spring weather and find something in this life that brings you joy and happiness.

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