Easter is More than Just Bunnies

It’s spring and rabbits abound, just ask my dogs, who are beside themselves with joy and excitement over the new population of rabbits they can see out of the windows or when running around the yard. At least we haven’t had any bunny carnage this year. I know that’s gross, and with terriers in the house, gross things happen.

This will also be our first year without Scratchy, the senior kitty who also prided himself on bunny catching. In fact, several years in a row he gifted us on Easter morning by leaving a headless rabbit on my doorstep. One year I joked that Scratchy had killed the Easter Bunny and it became a running family joke. I swear my kids will be scarred for life.

All across the nation people are celebrating Easter with egg hunts, pretty new bonnets (do we still wear those?), and trips to Grandma’s house for dinner. Some people (hopefully myself included) will be headed to church to celebrate the original reason for the holiday – the resurrection of Jesus.

Even more than rabbits and chocolate, that’s what appeals to me about this holiday. It’s the promise that this life, as difficult and wonderful as it can be, is not all there is. The promise that there is life beyond this, where we will be reunited with all of those we loved that went before us. I find that greatly reassuring.

I also have to admit that I’m a bit of a dis-spirited Christian this year. It’s been difficult to listen to the political diatribe from spiteful, ill-meaning people who call themselves Christian and know that people will associate my faith with that. I have to wonder what Christ himself would think about some of the things being said in his name. I can’t imagine he would be pleased.

That of that said, what my faith really tells me is that peace, truth and justice will prevail in the long run.

So, let’s go ahead and eat chocolate bunnies and hunt for eggs and find time to spend with each other. But let us also remember the reason for the day, and the fact that the very best is yet to come.


Note to those who might be just stopping by: This is not normally a religious blog. In fact, just like polite dinner conversation, I usually prefer to keep both religion and politics to myself. That said, it’s holy week….thanks for your patience.


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