Deranged Creatures in the Night

I know I promised a post about my new project today but in the meantime, nature intervened and today’s post will be Westie-themed. There will be more knitting tomorrow, I promise.

We had a thunderstorm last night. Growing up in the Midwest, I became quite accustomed to thunderstorms and as long as I’m in a safe place, I tend to enjoy them. (As opposed to hiking on a mountain above treeline, for example. Lightning is real and deadly). They are a great reminder of the power of nature and the rain that they bring is refreshing, especially this spring when everything has been so dry and the danger of fire is high. In the Midwest, we get storms that last for hours and sometimes days, so you learn to just curl up with a good book and relax.

However, despite growing up in the Midwest themselves, my dogs did not come to appreciate thunderstorms. So, last night when this storm rolled through, I found myself awakened out of a dead sleep at midnight by a dog standing on my bed barking at the heavens. Chloe, our little girl, is pretty quiet so all she did was a couple of gentle woofs, but Chuffy sees his role as protecting his family and therefore he was upright, tail out straight, head up with a full-on intruder bark. Each time there was lightning and then thunder, he would start a raucous round of barking. About the time I got him calmed down, there would be another crash of thunder and he’d be on high alert again.

Eventually, as thunderstorms do, the stormed rolled on past us to the East, and the heavens quieted. The dog, however, took a while to calm down and spent the rest of the night pressed against my side. That’s unusual because Westies, unlike some other breeds, are quite independent and while Chuffy likes to be near me, it’s on his own terms and always with the option for a quick getaway. It’s an interesting paradox, this relationship we have with our pets. My dog will protect me at any cost and wants me close, but not too close. I guess it’s the same way with humans to a certain extent.

The good news is that while the night may have been a little traumatic for the Westies, they awakened at their usual time (much to my dismay, because I could have used a little more sleep). They’ve continued their morning routine of going out, eating breakfast, and are now taking the first of many naps they will have today.

The only unfair part of the whole thing is that I don’t get to nap with them….

Happy Wednesday Thursday, everyone. Guess I am more sleep deprived than I thought. 😉


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