The Old and the New

So, I let the cat out of the bag yesterday by posting about the quilting project that has crawled its way out of the back of my closet and into my life.

In fact, there were not one but FOUR quilting projects back there. Most are at least a decade old. I know that because one of the newer projects in question is a September 11 memorial quilt and by that, I do not mean the 10-year anniversary, sadly.

So, in order to soothe the project manager in my soul (she, who expects that projects eventually get finished no matter how long or over-budget they go), I am going public with my shame and going to finish the damned things. Not all at once, of course, but starting with the smallest one and working my way up. The current one is a lap-quilt size, slightly smaller than a twin. Also in the box I found a Christmas exchange quilt composed of blocks from all quilters over the US, and the aforementioned September 11 memorial quilt. They’re just too lovely not to finish.

Oh, and possibly the saddest of all, a double-wedding ring quilt top, king-sized and hand-pieced. I made it for my cousin Laura for her wedding and when it came time to have it quilted, it disappeared and was nowhere to be found. Well, Laura has now been married for probably 4 years and I long ago sent her a substitute gift. I may just finish it and send it to her anyway. A double wedding ring is a fairly intricate pattern, all ovals and curves, so it was a LOT of work to put this quilt top together. It was intended to be hand-quilted as well but I’m not sure that I have an extra year for that so I may just send it out to be quilted. Did I mention that her older sister did get a handmade quilt for her wedding? I guess I had my act together better back then because I actually finished that one.

So, for right now, I’m working on the flying geese quilt that I mentioned yesterday. I’ve since had to re-stretch it to remove the wrinkles and made a $50 trip to the quilt store to re-buy supplies that I probably have here somewhere. (If I waited until I found the stuff, it could easily be another decade and I’m not getting any younger).

Flying Geese quilt; partially quilted and now resurrected to actually be finished (I hope).

Chloe guarding the quilt from Fiber Hoodlums. Also enjoying the crochet afghan that I made a few weeks ago. I’d block it if I could get the dogs off of it long enough.

When it came time to lay it on the floor for re-stretching, both doggies had to get in the act.

I also cast on a new baby blanket for a friend who is about to have their first grandchild. This is going to take some perseverance because I’m not that good at maintaining progress on two projects at once. And, babies don’t age well, at least not if you want them to use what you make for them.

The Cellular Blanket, done in Pima Cotton. Lovely to work with once you get used to the fact that cotton doesn’t stretch and has no bounce.

More tomorrow and please feel free to leave comments to keep me honest. 🙂


One thought on “The Old and the New

  1. jean says:

    we shall not discuss my project shame, but know that I hang my head in solidarity..

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