Nature as a Cure for What Ails Us

After two weekends in a row of being cooped up inside doing taxes, my husband had a strong desire to get out into the mountains this weekend. I’m always up for this, since nature has a bit of a curative effect on me – a few hours in the mountains just seems to soothe my soul for some reason.

So, on Saturday we went to Boulder and hiked up to Royal Arch. It’s a good thing he didn’t warn me about this trail beforehand because I probably would have chickened out. You see, it’s only a 3.2 mile hike round-trip, but it’s a 1300 foot altitude gain, which means it feels like hiking up 1.5 miles of stairs with a little flat just to give you hope.

We took the Westies with us and they were little troopers, hopping from rock to rock and scrambling up and up.  They got stuck in a couple of places where the next step was too high and they needed a boost, but otherwise pulled the whole way, both up and down the mountain.

It was worth it, because Royal Arch was beautiful. I hear it’s also a beautiful view through the middle and out over the side, but I have a strong (and I think rational) fear of falling off things and therefore did not climb to the edge with my camera.

Royal Arch. Cool natural rock formation and a popular hike near Boulder. Not a great hike for people with babies or kids, though, as there is a lot of rock scrambling towards the end.

On Sunday, we had another Westie adventure to the top of Pike’s Peak – I’ll share photos and stories about that tomorrow. Maybe by then my knees will have forgiven me for the climbing I did on this hike. 🙂


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