Happiness is like time and space – we make and measure it ourselves; it is as fancy, as big, as little, as you please, just a thing of contrasts and comparisons. ~ George du Marier

I’ve been whining a bit too much lately. I only just realized this the other day, as I was thinking about a conversation that I had with one of my friends. You see, the truth is that while there are minor things in my life that annoy me (and don’t we all have those), I’m really very blessed. My health is good, my marriage is sound, and my job, while a bit boring most days, is stable and the people I work with are nice. Not only that, I’m surrounded by fiber people and all of the good stuff that goes with them – spinning wheels, yarn, fleeces and quilts. Why should I be discontented when my life is so rich?

I think to a certain extent that discontentment is a fact of human life. We all hate change and yet at the same time we itch for it. I have what my husband calls a ‘wandering spirit’ and she is always looking for the new, the better, and the different. Now, that can’t be totally ignored, because it can be a powerful force for positive change. But, it can make you quite unhappy if you let it, even when your life is actually pretty good.

I’ve decided to take a new tack on this – to count my blessings more often and spend more time focusing on the gifts and blessings in my life than the shortcomings. I’ve also decided to either deal with the things in my life that bug me, or decide to let them go and move on. Not everything has to become a big deal or a long-term project. I’m going to ask you guys to hold me accountable because I’m a known backslider.

Today I am blessed to have so many kind people who read my blog. Thank you all, and stay posted for more good things to come!

P.S. The baby blanket is coming along nicely and is about half done – I’ll post pictures soon. They panicked me just a little when I saw pictures of the baby shower on Facebook until I realized that the new mom is still very pregnant so hopefully I will be done in time. Wish me luck!


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