Happy Fiber Days!

So, on Saturday my good friend Brady was kind enough to go along with me on my very first fleece buying adventure. I’ve thought about buying whole fleeces for a long time, and even had my friend Kim show me the basics at one point, but never quite got up the courage to do it until this weekend. Brady grew up on a ranch in Wyoming and he’s a very knowledgeable spinner, so I was delighted that he was able to go and help me pick my fleece(s).

I can’t even quite say what was different this time that I was ready to dive in and buy a fleece. They’re a big commitment because you bring home this bag of hair that smells like the barnyard, and with a lot of work and some tools it ends up being yarn you can start your project with.  I guess my spinning skills have grown such that I was ready to take the plunge, since when I first started spinning I recall saying that I would never be interested in prepping my own fiber. Why would I, when you can buy it already cleaned and prepared? Because it’s cool, that’s why.

This particular event was held in the front yard of the local yarn shop in Golden, CO, called the Recycled Lamb. This is a lovely little shop, where they teach not only knitting and crocheting but also spinning and weaving.

The day started off with a bang (literally) as several transformers in the street blew up just as we were crossing the parking lot, leaving the shop in the dark and with no working cash registers, but the shop owner and her staff were gracious and flexible, so people continued to shop in the semi-dark and visiting the shop was kind of fun this way. (I will have to go back soon when the lights are on, so that I can see what I missed).

Outside on the lawn, however, business carried on as if nothing had happened. There was a big table fully of sheepy fleeces and mohair (goat) locks.

Lots of lovely wool fleeces to choose from, and some nice mohair locks too.

There were also some mohair goats for the kids to pet. (Okay, I petted them too. Who could resist? They are adorable…)

Mohair goats...attracting lots of kids. (Pun intended)

There was a big display of alpaca products from a local alpaca farm.

A nice assortment of alpaca products. Brady found some lovely cria (baby alpaca) and I bought a whole blanket from an alpaca named Ashleigh.

Everyone was having fun petting the alpacas too. There’s a reason we love to knit with their fiber, they are super-soft.

Alpacas from Ancient Treasures.

Oh, and just for fun, a bagpiper dropped by to add a little music. I have always liked bagpipes as long as they were a ways away (they are loud!). Brady, however, is not a big fan.

A bagpiper dropped by to liven things up a bit.

My haul? One chestnut alpaca blanket from Ancient Treasures, one lamb’s fleece and half an adult fleece from Sister Sheep.

When I got home, I started straight away on washing the adult fleece because it was super-stinky and I don’t want to store it that way. But, that’s my story for tomorrow.

Happy fiber days, everyone!


2 thoughts on “Happy Fiber Days!

  1. Cheryl says:

    Hi Mardee! Thanks for your kind words and I’m so glad you had a good time at the fleece market. It’s my favorite day of the whole year, even if the power goes out! This for Brady: I believe you dropped a small skein of Habu silk/mohair on your way out that day, and since we don’t seem to have a good phone number for you we have been holding it at the front desk in the hope that you’d call once you’d discovered it was missing from your bag. So it’s still here for you! and I’m sorry you didn’t like the pipes, but glad you stayed and helped with the fleece buying.

    • mardeeknits says:

      Thanks, Cheryl! I’ll let Brady know about the yarn – anything that gives us an excuse to make another trip to the shop sounds like a great thing to me!


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