Hi all –

I’m a little pressed for time today so I thought I’d just give you a quick update on how all the various projects are coming. I’ll admit, a bit sheepishly (pun intended) that this is as much for my own benefit as yours – since having to report the progress on my projects keeps me motivated to get them finished.

First off, meet the lovely Lady Jane, the lamb whose fleece went into the scouring process a couple of days ago. I’ve only gotten half of it washed at the moment, but I am delighted with the texture of her wool as well as the combination of black, brown and grey that she has. This is going to make some lovely yarn.

Here it is about to be washed:

Jane’s fleece, ready to be washed. She is a lamb from Sister Sheep, purchased at the Recycled Lamb fleece market.

Here it is drying. I love how this has the combination of brown, black and grey.

Jane’s fleece laid out for drying.

The hand quilting project is coming along nicely too. I have two rows of quilting left before I can bind it and it will be finished!

The hand-quilting project. Each row takes about an hour which means I need about 3 more hours of effort to finish this off. (Quilting + binding).

And last, but certainly not least, the baby blanket. It is coming along nicely but so, I hear is the baby, so I need to keep moving forward on this. I have about 8 inches of knitting the pattern to go, then a couple of inches of edging. (Special thanks to my friend Jen who rescued me last night when I totally messed up the edging and could not figure out how to fix it. I was pretty frustrated but she is a genius).

The baby blanket. Baby is due imminently so I need to get this finished!!

And of course, a little gratuitious Westiness because after all, who doesn’t need more Westie in their life? In this case, Chloe, having a nap but not all that certain about this noisy camera thing.

Chloe having a nap on another recently finished project. They love this afghan, must be warm because there is virtually always a dog on it.

Happy weekend everyone! I’m out a day early to celebrate my daughter’s college graduation. YAY! See you next week!


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