On Light and Shadow

I’m taking a photography class so I can learn to put this new camera of mine to good use. It’s an interesting class, typical I suppose, composed of five middle-aged women (the students) and one man (the instructor). For an amateur photographer, this guy’s pretty good, too. He uses his own work as some of the examples in the class and he has an interesting eye.  Last night, he encouraged us to spend some time with our cameras trying out some more artistic things, playing with angles, light and shadow.

So, as I often do, I started on this right away because I knew if I didn’t, I would put the camera down and forget all about it. First, however, it required some significant time with the owner’s manual. I can see why people buy nice cameras that never get any use because this little machine has a blinding assortment of  buttons, switches and other techie googahs. So, while I’ve learned a lot about how cameras work in theory, applying that to this specific camera was a bit more tricky. Eventually, however, I had managed to figure out how to suppress the flash and adjust both the aperture and shutter speed, and started to take some interesting shots.

First, I learned that Chloe is only afraid of the camera if the flash is on, so I got some interesting Westie shots. Chloe is usually our camera-shy dog but this night, it was Chuffy who refused to cooperate.

Chloe gets a glamour shot

Eventually she got tired of watching me play with the camera and laid down to sleep.

Chloe’s tired. Love the texture on the blanket in this one.

I also spent some time playing with light and shadow on my spinning wheels. It took about 25 tries but I liked this one.

A play in light and shadow with an antique spinning wheel.

And this one…

Light, shadows and spinning wheels. Does it get any better?

It’s been an odd week so I don’t think I have any new insights – maybe tomorrow. Hope you all enjoy the pictures – happy Thursday everyone!

2 thoughts on “On Light and Shadow

  1. SandySays1 says:

    My humans wife says taking a good pic “ain’t easy.”

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