On Journeys and Adventures

I’m super-excited today because hubby and I are off for an adventure this afternoon. We’re going to Santa Fe for the weekend. We’ve been to Taos, which is also in New Mexico, but never been to Santa Fe and people tell me it is awesome.

So, I’ve charged up the camera, washed all the laundry, and when noon hits, we are packing up the car and heading south. I hope to take lots of pictures to share with all of you next week.

One of the reasons we’re going is to see the total eclipse that will happen on Sunday evening just before sunset. The path will cross the southeastern US in a diagonal line from California to Texas and part of the viewing area goes through Santa Fe. Of course, you can’t look directly at the sun so we won’t be viewing it directly, but we are going to play with the new camera and see if we can get some photos of it.

For more info on the eclipse, you can check it out on weather.com here: http://www.weather.com/news/annular-eclipse-view-20120516

I’m not sure how much of it will be viewable outside the area, but people in Colorado might be able to see part of it.

So, wish me luck. It will be a long drive home on Sunday night but hopefully we’ll have some great photos as our reward for it. Plus, we’re going to see Santa Fe which in and of itself sounds really cool.

Happy Weekend, everyone! Over and out.



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