The Lazy Blogger

I’ve been a lazy blogger this past week. Usually I try to write every day but with the kids moving back home, things are just a lot busier than they were and it seems I always have something else that needs doing before I can sit down to write. That said, I promised myself that I would keep this up and take the few minutes that it takes to write something – even if it’s not all that interesting – every day.

I know that most of my readers enjoy seeing the photos I’ve been taking – and I will get them posted soon, I promise. It’s taking longer than I had hoped because I decided to buy PhotoShop Elements to edit them with, and I haven’t had time to install and play with it yet. With the holiday weekend we were a busy doing a graduation party for the kids on Saturday and on Monday took a long hike in Pike’s Peak National Forest. (I’ll post those photos soon too, a great reminder of why we love Colorado). And of course, there is the usual stuff like paying bills and washing laundry that also gets in the way.

It’s been an interesting few weeks since the kids moved back home. While I am delighted to have them back in Colorado, it’s odd for them and for us. After being off on their own, living how they wished, for several years, they’re back living with their parents and none of us is quite sure what our role is. Am I responsible for cooking and dishes? Do I need to pick up after them?  I always did when they were little (to be honest, I tried to make them help but never was very successful at it). But they are adults now, so we are navigating through the shoals of being a group of adults living in the same house, all related but not entirely sure what the rules are. We’ll sort it out, I’m sure, but it’s an interesting process to watch.

This is also part of a process of self-discovery that I’ve been on for a while. With the kids grown and being at mid-life, my perspective has changed. I find myself having been a person that lived for my job most of my adult life and always had jobs that literally ruled every minute of my day. I find now that I have work-life balance for the first time and don’t quite know what to do with it. So, I’m trying new things, branching out a little. It’s growth, but at the same time just a little bit stressful because the clear identity of “Mardee the Software Person” or “Mardee the Boss” becomes more complex, perhaps more interesting, but definitely different.

All of this philosophy is a bit heavy for a Wednesday, so I think I’ll leave you with this guy, a remnant of our trip to Santa Fe and a precursor to the photos I’ll post soon of Bandelier National Monument.

Camel rock. He is on one of the pueblos near Santa Fe. He’s such a celebrity he has his own casino.

More to come. Tomorrow. I promise. Or maybe Friday.  🙂

P.S. Mardee the Software Person says to go update your anti-virus programs. There’s a new virus out and this one sounds ugly. And if anyone knows who tp’d my daughter’s car (in our driveway no less), please let me know. She’d like to give remedial lessons on how to do it properly. 😉


3 thoughts on “The Lazy Blogger

  1. Lisa H Ross says:

    Love it! Summers home were always filled with lots of longing for my dorm room and fighting over chores. And a much slower pace of life than college!
    You can blog lazily OR write daily whether or not you have a topic. Sit and start writing and topics may present themselves.
    I’m writing a book this summer!

  2. Lisa H Ross says:

    I’m going to publish it as an ebook. Will keep you posted on how that goes. Maybe your work/life balance future has a book waiting to be written : )

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