Anasazi in the Valley

Today’s post is a continuation of the photo series on Bandelier National Monument near Los Alamos, NM. 

One of the other highlights of walking through the Bandelier National Monument was the village that the Anasazi built in the valley below the cliff dwellings.  While they didn’t look that big walking past them, I was surprised at how much larger the village was when seen from above.

First we walked past the ruins on the way through the valley. Given that these are hundreds of years old, it was surprising how much of the buildings remain. I guess the dry climate and lack of rain help since there is less water erosion.

Ruins of the stone buildings in the valley below the cliff dwellings

As we climbed up towards the cliff dwellings, we could look back and see the village. It was larger than it looked from the ground.

Village viewed from up by the cliff buildings. It was bigger than it looked.

Climbing higher you could really see the full setting of the village, which was round and protected by the trees. A small creek runs through the trees behind the trees so the village also had a convenient water source.

Another view of the village from above; this was up at the cliff dwellings themselves.

That’s the photos for today, folks. Tomorrow we’ll play ‘Spot the Petroglyph.’

Meanwhile, here in Parker people were cleaning up hail with snowplows and more storms were predicted. Apparently we also had a black bear wandering through the neighborhood. Life in Colorado sure can get interesting!  Keep us in your thoughts!


One thought on “Anasazi in the Valley

  1. najjy says:

    Great memories of a visit here quite a few years ago!

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