Let’s Play “Spot the Petroglyph”

Today’s post is a continuation of the photo series on Bandelier National Monument near Los Alamos, NM. 

One of the more interesting things (to me at least) about different cultures is their art and crafts. Perhaps it’s because I’m a lover of handmade items, those things that are made with care and passed down through the generations, or perhaps it’s just cool to see the product of someone’s imagination from centuries ago.

The Anasazi made their carvings on top of their buildings, so they were reachable only from the roofs of the second story of the cliff dwellings. While they are weathered, many of the petroglyphs are still there.

Mr. Tom Turkey. The turkeys were actually raised more for their feathers than their meat. The feathers were used in weaving.

This larger area includes several petroglyphs including several turkeys, a spiral and some people.

This section of painting has been preserved behind plexiglass so it won’t be worn off by visitors. (Note next to it, the entry into a ground-level dwelling)

Tomorrow: Alcove House, a very large cliff dwelling (140 feet up).



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