Alcove House, or a View from the Top

Today’s post is a continuation of the photo series on Bandelier National Monument near Los Alamos, NM. 

Further into the valley in Bandelier National Monument is the alcove house. It’s a large cliff dwelling that is literally 140 feet up in the air and requires climbing a series of steps and pole ladders to get to.

The start of the ascent to Alcove House. They aren’t kidding with the warning, believe me.

The journey begins with a climb. I was grateful that I had worn hiking boots because they gave me a stable surface for the climb.

This is me, climbing. I did fairly well until I got to right about this point, when my fear of heights got the better of me. I ended up spending the rest of the time waiting at the railing while being passed by children and old ladies.

The view from the top. Sadly, I didn’t see it but hubby was kind enough to take the camera so I got to see the photos at least.

And what a lovely view it was…

A view of the Alcove House. They aren’t entirely sure what it was used for but likely it was for worship or defense.

Here I am waiting for hubby to emerge from the top. It was a gorgeous view even if I didn’t make it all the way up.

Tomorrow: While the cliff dwellings are some of the most-visited part of Bandelier National Monument, it’s also just a beautiful natural setting. On the way back from Alcove House, we walked through the woods along the creek. Sadly, there is still quite a lot of flood damage from 2011 but we went through at the Golden Hour, that hour before twilight when the light is just gorgeous. I’ll share some of those photos tomorrow to close out this series.

As usual, all photos (c) 2012 Mardee Brosh. Send me an email at if you want to use any of the images.


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