There’s a Fire Burning in Colorado

Hi all –

I’m going to interrupt the lovely photo series on New Mexico for a double-post today. There’s a wildfire burning in Colorado and I just felt I had to write about it. Living in an area where we aren’t prone to major earthquakes or hurricanes, wildfires are one of the biggest natural disasters we face and in some ways worse to watch because they go on for days while firefighters try to contain them and the rest of us just hold our breath and pray for those in the path. This is our second major fire this year because it was such a dry winter. The first was in Conifer and while it was large and devastating, this one has already burned much more area.

If you live in Colorado or have been listening to the national news, you probably already know about this. While we don’t live close to to the fire, it is a constant presence on the news and in our thoughts as fellow Coloradans lose their homes and thousands of acres of forest have been burned.

Yes, it’s a natural process and I get that. They even think this fire was started by lightning. But, it’s hard to make light of the fact that 100 homes are destroyed and a person is dead. As of this writing, 43,000 acres have been destroyed.

If you are inclined to prayer, we’d love if you could join us from wherever you are in the world.

If you are inclined to donate to help with the relief efforts, please join me in that as well. Here’s a link to the website listing the relief agencies who are helping. I donated yesterday to the Colorado Red Cross and the Larimer County Humane Society.

For more information about the wildfire including latest updates and photos, please check out the Channel 9 news site:

Thanks for listening, everyone. Godspeed.



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