New Mexico Beauty

Today’s post is the final installment of the photo series on Bandelier National Monument near Los Alamos, NM. 

The natural setting in which the Anasazi cliff dwellers lived was absolutely beautiful. While this national park had both fire and flood damage in 2011, it’s still a beautiful natural setting. Today, I’ll close off the series with some of the nature shots we took on our hike.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this series. There were so many lovely photos that it was hard to choose which ones to share with you.

A view down the valley at the start of our hike.

A view of the cliffs from below. I loved the dappled light in this shot.

The cacti were a reminder that while there was a creek nearby, we were still in the desert.

Another view of the cliffs in the dappled light.

A path through the woods near the creek. Again, with the lovely dappled light.

One final look back into the valley. A nice end to a lovely day.

Thanks for sharing this trip with me. Not only was the trip a lot of fun but I enjoyed getting to relive it by sharing it with you.

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