A Fiber-ing We Go, A Fiber-ing We Go

So, this might come as a shock to the readers who’ve joined us recently because of the digital photography, but this is really a knitting blog. Well, at least it’s a blog that sometimes features knitting, as well as a bit about antique spinning wheels, West Highland terriers, hiking, nature photography, current events and other random interests of mine.

It’s been an event-filled week around here. First, we are watching the Colorado wildfires with anxious interest. Yes, I did say fires, plural. There is now a second fire south of us, west of Colorado Springs. My husband and I took a drive in the mountains on Sunday and drove past the community where it was burning. Firefighters from several communities have been mobilized and they are doing their best to ensure that it stays a small fire. At the same time, while the High Park Fire near Fort Collins is now 50% contained (which is good news), almost 200 homes have been lost, not to mention thousands of acres of forest. Everything is just so dry this year. Please pray for rain.

On the happy side of things, the insurance adjuster was out yesterday and while many of our friends have significant damage from the recent hailstorms, we seem to have escaped relatively unscathed. I felt badly for the adjuster though, climbing on my roof in 100 degree heat, but he is probably used to it and didn’t seem to mind.

The contractors are here putting in a new deck and that has also been an interesting process. I’ve done a lot of home improvements in the past, both myself and with the help of contractors. First, they hit a sprinkler line in a not-obvious place on the first hole they dug. That was just plain bad luck. On Saturday, they were here pouring the caissons and kept having to retreat to their cars because of lightning. (No rain, though, darn it. We could do without the lightning but we sure need the rain). Today, they are taking the old deck off and getting ready to frame the new one. The pups were going crazy over having these strange people with saws on the deck right outside the door but seem to have accepted it as normal now. After about an hour’s work, the micro-deck (as we called it) is gone and they are lining up the boards to start framing.

In my knitting life, I just cast on a new sweater. After a lot of deliberation, I decided on this one, the Tappan Zee from Knitty Spins. I’m a few rows into the yoke and making good progress but my count is off so that will take some investigation. I’m making the sweater in a lovely light blue hand-dyed alpaca. (Hence, the short sleeves, I tend to get hot anyway and alpaca is warm.)

Here’s the picture from Knitty. (That’s not me in the picture – I’m not nearly courageous enough to have hair that red…also my sweater will be blue).

The Tappan Zee sweater from KnittySpins. Mine will be in blue alpaca. If you click the image, it should take you to Knitty’s site, which is a wonderful place…

In case you’re also interested in making this sweater and the photo link doesn’t work, try this: http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEss10/KSPATTtappanzee.php

I’ve been a terrible fiber hoarder lately too. In addition to the three fleeces I wrote about a few weeks ago (half a ram, one lamb, one alpaca blanket), someone gave me two more alpaca blankets, which I had processed at the local mill. The backlog for my drum carder was simply growing too fast. Last weekend, we went to the Estes Park Wool Market and I bought yet another fleece, this one a rambouillet / merino cross, which means the fleece is uber-soft and a lovely cream color. (You’re thinking cabled Aran sweater? Funny, me too…) That fleece is still sitting around tormenting the Westies because it smells very sheepy and I need to wash it. I’ve also started spinning the grey fleece from Jack, the aforementioned ram.

We are headed to Blacksheep Gathering in Oregon this weekend and will have the camera in tow, so don’t despair, photo buffs, as there will be more pictures coming.

Meanwhile, I’ll be away from the blog for a few days and I didn’t want you to think I’d forgotten about you. How could I forget? I hope to have lots of stories and photos to share next week. Happy fiber-ing everyone!!





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