On Absent Bloggers and Wildfires

I’ve been absent from the blog longer than I planned. Sorry about that, folks. Our trip to Oregon to visit family and attend Blacksheep Gathering was really fun but while we were there, my body (which is used to the arid Colorado climate and has some allergy issues anyway) decided that it didn’t like the wet cold weather and I had a fairly massive allergy attack. That was followed by a visit to my doctor when we got home and looks like I’ll be making the acquaintance of an allergist. Oh well, you can never know too many people, I guess. In the meantime, I’m feeling okay but not fabulous. It doesn’t help that in order to be allergy tested, you have to go off of all allergy medicines for a week, which should prove interesting. So, forgive me if I’m a bit tardy in posting for the next week or two. I’m doing my best to keep moving, but I’m certainly not up to my usual speed.

In other news, we now have so many fires burning in Colorado and people evacuated that it’s difficult to keep track. I won’t burden you with the details (you can’t miss it on the news) but will ask that you send prayers for rain and for the safety of the evacuees and rescue / fire personnel working the fires. And if you happen to be from a culture than knows a rain dance, please consider that as well. (I’m about ready to take up rain dancing as a form of personal fitness. It might not work since it’s not my culture but at least I would feel like I could do SOMETHING). If you’d like to help by donating, this is a great website that shows which agencies are responding and how you can help:


I donated to the Colorado Red Cross and the Larimer County Humane Society in the early days of the High Park Fire. I got the nicest letter this week from the Humane Society folks telling me about their rescue effort and the number of pets and livestock they were able to rescue and shelter thanks to donations. They have also pledged to reunite all of the animals with their owners. It’s a great example of good people doing great things, so that at least feels like a bright spot in all of this darkness. I felt honored to be able to help. With the number of shelters being opened in Colorado Springs (where over 30,000 people have been evacuated), I might need to ante up again for the Red Cross. They do good work, those folks.

Some have contacted me to make sure we are okay. Our home is not near the fire areas. They are both north and south of us but we live in the midst of a large grassland so it’s unlikely we will be threatened. Thanks to everyone who has been concerned about us.

Sorry if today’s post is more a stream of consciousness than an actual essay but it’s been a trying week. Please keep reading and we’ll return to regular programming soon. I have photos from Blacksheep Gathering to share, and there will also be a post about the loot I bought while there and what I plan to do with it.

Happy Trails until we talk again.



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