More on Coloradans are Awesome

I got an email today from the local conference of the United Church of Christ, which is my church. They are mobilizing their disaster relief efforts as well and have been checking in with their pastors in the Colorado Springs area.

This story was included in the email:

Dave Hunting, pastor of Community Congregational UCC, Manitou Springs, is a volunteer firefighter with the Manitou Springs Fire Department.  He has been on the frontlines since last Saturday.  Dave reports, “… it’s been rough.  We’ve been in the thick of the fight.  Last night our three fire engines joined with 100 more in the Mountain Shadow fire…  We evacuated all 5000+ residents in Manitou Springs last Sunday morning at 1:30AM… they are back home now under voluntary evac.  Our cars are packed if we need to evac again.  I’ve never seen anything like this in my life… I’ve never been more proud to serve or scared to death… the good Lord will guide us through these trying times… thanks again for the thoughts and prayers.”

He attached two photos. One is this, of his fire company’s Engine One holding the line:

Engine One, volunteer firefighters from Manitou Springs, at the Waldo Canyon fire.

From the Conference’s Facebook page, I learned that this man worked 36 hours straight on the fire lines and still showed up in church to preach on Sunday. That’s amazing dedication.  I’m sure he’s only one of hundreds putting in this kind of service. Colorado is an amazing place and these people are why.

Prayers and blessings to everyone involved.


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