Monday, Monday, Can’t Trust that Day…

So, if you’re old like I am, you’ll remember that song. Was it the Mommas and the Papas who sang it? Either way, it’s a favorite of mine because it expresses that Monday morning feeling so well. Even if you love what you do, Mondays are always a bit of a jarring start to the week as you go from the fast pace of the weekend (trying to get all of your home chores done in a couple of days) to a pile of things to do at work. Luckily, since there’s a holiday this week, I don’t have a lot of urgent things to get done, since trying to hurry (or even concentrate) is a bit of a slog right now.

It was a pretty quiet weekend around here. We did a lot of housecleaning and washed some windows, largely to help alleviate my allergy issues. We shopped for patio furniture for the new deck and mostly I apologized for not feeling well enough to do any of the things we really enjoy on the weekends, like go to the farmer’s market or hike in the mountains. But, we can see the end, since we see the allergy specialist on Thursday and hopefully they can put me to rights. My apologies, in the meantime, to anyone I have ever said “It’s just allergies” to. I had no idea what I was talking about.

There is good news in Colorado today on the fire front. The High Park fire (near Fort Collins) is now 100% contained, thank God. The Waldo Canyon fire (near Colorado Springs) is now 55% contained and many of the evacuees are being allowed to return to their neighborhoods to assess the damage. Utility crews have been working non-stop to restore electrical service and people can begin to return to ‘normal,’ whatever that is. So, things are getting better. It will still be a long road home for those whose homes were destroyed, but at least the needed resources (such as insurance company catastrophe claims teams) are hitting the ground and starting to help. While I hate to see these types of things happen, I’m always a little proud of my industry because our claims guys really do show up and fulfill the promises we make.

Saturday was the first day of the Tour de Fleece, which is a fun spinning event based on the Tour de  France. It’s actually a fairly simple challenge; for every day that the tour rides, you must spin. You rest on the same days that they rest and spin on the days that they ride. (Although luckily not for the same amount of time. I can’t imagine climbing the alps on bicycle but I also can’t imagine spending several hours a day spinning. The old time professional spinners certainly did it but I would need to train for it, I suspect). In any case, I missed two days already because I wasn’t feeling well, so I will try to spend some time spinning this week. I probably won’t catch up, but any progress made on the mountain of unprocessed fleece should be appreciated by my husband.

My work continues on the Tappan Zee sweater. I’ve finished the third section of the yoke, so I have one more section before I bind off the arms and start into the bodice, at which point it’s pretty much stockinette all the way.  It’s a lovely blue alpaca, not a color that I usually wear, but it’s been time for me to branch out and add some color into my life for a while anyway. I’ll post photos soon.

Well, thanks everyone for reading. I’m sure I’ll have more interesting things to write about soon.

Happy Monday. (If there is such a thing!)


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