It’s been a quiet week here around the old homestead, what with me not feeling all that well and with hubby working from home and having lots of coding to do. We spent the July 4th holiday quietly, with a drive through the mountains and then making a dinner for ourselves and a friend. Quiet was nice for a change although it did feel odd not to hear any fireworks this year.

The drive through the mountains was a lovely reminder that so much of what makes Colorado beautiful is still there, forest fires and emergencies not withstanding. It is concerning that so many tourists are cancelling their vacations because of the fires, since so much of our economy depends on visitors. We’re still open for business and the Rockies are still beautiful, so please do come and visit. (Although Hotel Brosh is starting to fill up, so call ahead for reservations…)

The kids came home on Wednesday night and the pace picked back up, now that they both have jobs to get to and things to do. It’s funny how we, the ‘old folks’ like to move and work at a slower pace these days. The work ethic is still there but the sense of urgency has subsided a bit. Don’t get me wrong, we still work hard, we are just a bit more deliberate about it, and it’s interesting (and a little tiring) to see them scurry around being so busy.

It’s also been a week filled with dreams, which is odd because I either don’t dream much or at least I don’t remember my dreams the next day. Some of the dreams have been pretty scary. Thanks to some medical issues years ago, I have white coat syndrome pretty badly and do not do well in meeting new doctors, so I had some pretty bad dreams about it the night before the appointment. In my dream last night, instead of buying the house we currently live in, we bought one from a friend that turned out to be a bed and breakfast. Next thing we knew, we were in full renovation mode with a deadline looming for a special event. Not sure where that came from but it was certainly an interesting dream. Perhaps it’s a sign that I’m ready to do another renovation project (not so my hubby though, I’ve done three but he lived through one and that was enough for him).

The longer I live in Colorado, the more the Mother Earth News-reading, organic farmer in me starts to come out. We’re thinking about adding a growing bed in the backyard so we can grow our own fresh vegetables. This Saturday, we’re hoping to go berry-picking so we can make some homemade raspberry jam. That will be fun. I haven’t done that since Caitlin was about 2. (She’s now a college graduate).  I tried to convince my husband that we also needed some backyard chickens when we saw a cute little coop at Costco, but he nixed that idea and said our HOA probably also has a rule against it. (I’m sure he’s right; that darned HOA spoils all my fun. They won’t let me have sheep or alpaca either).

Hope you all had a lovely Independence Day holiday and are looking forward to a fun weekend. See you next week!

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