Jammin’ It Old School

As I mentioned previously, I’m returning to my early days as a bit of an earth mother / organic gardening type. I just love eating local and enjoying the amazing bounty that Colorado’s truck farms bring us.

So, on Saturday, hubby and I headed for the local berry farm in Brighton to pick raspberries. It was tough picking because it was the first weekend and you had to really dig through the brambles to find the ripe ones, but in the end we came home with 10 pints of raspberries and several pints of end-of-season strawberries. Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of the raspberries but I did get a beauty shot of the strawberries. Even for end-of-season, they were pretty tasty and literally just picked a couple of hours before.

Fresh-picked strawberries. The taste of summer.

We set up all of the cooking equipment. Making jam is messy and takes a lot of equipment so I tend to make large batches, or at least make several batches in a row so we only have one set of cleanup jobs.

On the left, my trusty hot water bath canner. On the right, soup kettle for cooking the jam and an assortment of tools. Truthfully, you could do this job with a wooden spoon and a soup ladle but some of the other things are kind of handy.

Pretty soon we had some lovely raspberry jam cooking up in that pot.

Raspberry wonderfulness. Need I say more?

It was not long after that we were loading up the canner to give the jars their hot water bath. It was interesting to learn how to can at 6000 feet – instead of water bath for 10 minutes, it requires 25!

Into the bath…

Next came a batch of strawberry jam. This stuff made the house smell A.W.E.S.O.M.E.

Strawberry jam on the way. This made the house smell like a strawberry patch. It was wonderful.

And finally, we had a bounty on the counter, 11 jars of raspberry jam and 5 jars of strawberry. We’ll be making more later this summer but in the meantime, I’m going to leave these on my counter so I can admire them.

Wow. We’re going to eat well this winter. Can’t wait to try these on pancakes or french toast.

Credits: This blog post brought to you by Mother Nature (isn’t she great?!) with a bit of help from the folks at Berry Patch Farms of Brighton CO, Sure-Jell and Kerr canning jars.  


One thought on “Jammin’ It Old School

  1. mardeeknits says:

    I forgot to mention that they are certified organic as well as super-tasty. Nice combination!

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