Shhhh….It’s a Secret

I am testing my husband’s powers of observation. You see, most women complain that their husbands never notice anything. They could get a pink Mohawk and he wouldn’t notice the difference. Not my hubby. He’s one of the more observant people I’ve ever met and usually that’s a great thing.  When we go driving in the mountains, he’s the one who spots the deer and elk. On Sunday, we were on a hike at the top of a mountain pass and he spotted a marmot, which let me get some nice shots of the critter sunning on the rocks.

However, this also means that he usually notices every new thing that comes into the house, especially if that thing happens to be a spinning wheel or a stinky fleece.  While he was traveling last week, I happened to procure a new spinning wheel which has taken its rightful place in my ‘herd’ next to the fireplace. It’s a cute little flax wheel and looks very natural sitting there with the others. Oddly enough though, he’s been home since Thursday and still hasn’t noticed it. Perhaps he’s just used to our living room being full of spinning wheels and one more or less isn’t noteworthy.

I promised the seller that I’d blog about it, so I need to take some new photos soon. I want to test it out and play with it, but my curiosity has gotten the better of me.  At the moment, I’m waiting to see how long it takes him to notice.  Now, if you know me at all, you’ll know that I’m rubbish about keeping secrets so I’ll likely confess any day now. It’s not like he’ll care, it’s just interesting to see this little wheel, hiding in plain sight in the middle of our living room, going un-noticed.

So, we’ll see how long it takes him to realize it’s there, or alternatively, how long it takes before I slip and mention it. Or perhaps he should take to reading my blog since he periodically gets to star in it…


3 thoughts on “Shhhh….It’s a Secret

  1. jean says:

    ooh.. when did this wheel arrive and from where???? I didn’t know either…

    • mardeeknits says:

      A friend of mine from Illinois saw it on Craigslist here in Parker and tipped me off. It’s been in a family’s basement since the 1970’s but had previously been restored and seems to be in pretty good order. I’ll be making a few minor repairs and posting all about it as soon as he realizes it’s here…or I may get impatient and say something. (You know me!)

  2. Our poor husbands can never win, we either want them to be more or less observant! I love how you describe your collection of spinning wheels as a ‘herd’. 🙂

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