It’s Here! It’s Here!

So, the long awaited start of the 2012 Summer Olympics has come and the knitters are ready. This year in the Ravellenic Games, I’ll be knitting with two teams, my local group, Team Knitorious, and with a team of my knitters from the Chicago area, the DARN Yarn Lovers.

It’s been great fun to watch the forums and see people picking out their projects. There is some beautiful stuff that’s being dreamed up.

My local group, Team Knitorious, is kicking off the event with a casting on party where we will watch the opening ceremonies, start our projects, and eat British themed foods. Except for me, you see, because the goal of the Ravellenic Games is to pick things that challenge you and I’ve decided not to cast on something new, but rather to finish what I’ve already started. I’m entering myself with two projects into the WIP Wrestling event. (WIP = Works in Progress). For this event, the project must already be started prior to the start of the Ravellenic Games, and you must finish it by the end.

I’ve picked the personal equivalent of pole vaulting for this event, two projects that are stalled in mid-flight and need some help to get over the bar.

I’ll be finishing this:

An Elizabeth-Zimmerman inspired vest made with my own handspun yarn. This project has been glaring at me for a year saying “Okay, so steek me already and get over it!” Perhaps now I actually will.

And this:

The dreaded Icarus shawl. Seriously, the lace chart can’t be that hard but I was clearly not ready for this level of project when I started. Hopefully I am now.

So, here we go. The Games are here, the food is being prepared, the yarn and needles (or hooks) are poised and ready to go.

Pass me a cucumber sandwich. Let’s get started!

Happy Olympic Games, everyone. May your favorite athletes achieve their personal best, your national teams win at your favorite sports, and your personal challenge knitting projects go flawlessly. And wish me luck too. I suspect I may need it. 😉


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