The Not-So-Faithful Blogger

I’ve been neglecting the blog this week and in so doing, neglecting you, my faithful readers. Sorry about that. I try to write every day but this has been a week from Hades. Thankfully, I’ve managed to drag myself over the finish line to Friday, but we have company arriving tonight so the weekend won’t really be the break that I feel like I need. Oddly, most people I’ve talked to had a tough week too, so hopefully this will be a passing thing and next week will be better.

My first inclination of Hades was when I arrived in Dallas. Now, don’t get me wrong, Texans are wonderful, kind, hospitable people, so visiting Texas is not a hardship at all. But, it did have me trying to figure out what I was thinking when I agreed to have a meeting in Texas in July. Did I mention that I don’t handle heat very well? And, this particular week, they were experiencing record highs, which means that the temperature hit at least 109 degrees every day I was there. Talk about hot! That is hot at a level I don’t think I’ve ever experienced. They tried to tell me that it wasn’t humid, but I didn’t believe them. I have been in Colorado long enough to become very spoiled by the arid climate, and breathed a sigh of relief when the wheels on the plane touched down in Denver and the temperature was a lovely, cool 78 degrees.

The other thing we’ve been struggling with is that one of my Westies is experiencing a bout of poor health. For you veterinary types, he had a histiocytoma next to his eye. (For you non-medical types, it’s an immune reaction on the skin that causes a raised welt, which in his case was growing fast and looked just like a mast cell tumor, which can be aggressively cancerous). We had it surgically removed, in what should be a fairly minor procedure. The good news is that these types of growths are benign, don’t spread and in general are not any big deal. Except that for some reason, he’s not healing up, so we’ve been back to the vet literally every other day to have it rechecked and have now invested over $150 in additional medicines trying to get the incision to heal and the swelling to go down. The poor doggie has had to wear a cone on his head for two weeks now, which makes him reluctant to eat or drink. So, while my Westies are normally a source of delight and help me relax when I’m stressed, instead I’m very worried about poor Chuffy and hoping he turns a corner soon.

I’m not a sports follower, but my husband is, so the Olympics has been on pretty much non-stop in my house. I am surprised to find that I actually enjoyed some of it, especially watching local swimmer Missy Franklin do so well representing her homies back here in Colorado. (You go, girl!) It was also fun watching Gabby Douglas take the gold in Women’s Gymnastics, especially since she’s now an honorary Iowan, having trained in Des Moines with Liang Chow. (Des Moines as an epicenter for Olympic champions, who knew?)  She is just delightful – always a smile on her face. Watching her floor exercise last night was amazing because you could tell she was really enjoying it. And of course, watching Michael Phelps make Olympic history (again) was pretty cool as well.

As for my own Olympic observance, my two Ravellenic Games projects, one is coming along nicely but did not get invited to go with me to Dallas. It’s a wool vest and frankly, if it’s too hot working on it here, I wasn’t going to work on it in Dallas when it was 110 degrees. So, I went solo (no knitting) and started in again when I got home. It’s getting close to completion so hopefully I’ll get a chance to work on the second project as well, before the Games are over. Did I mention it’s August already? Where on earth did the summer go?

It will likely be a very busy weekend with company here but if I get a chance, I’ll post pictures and some commentary on what I learned about steeking (eek!). If not, I promise to post it early next week and in the meantime, wish you all a great weekend and a BETTER week next week.


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