Ugh. Has It Been Almost a Week Already?

So, days after I promised to be a more faithful blogger,  I have again allowed myself to go several days between posts. Events are just conspiring against me and I’m having trouble keeping up with everything that is going on.

Good news is that the steeked vest is done and blocked but I’m not happy with the shoulder seams so I have a little tidying to do. Once I get that fixed, I promise I’ll post pictures and explain how you can steek without any blood-letting, anxiety pills, or smelling salts. (Although wine is always a good idea. At least at my house).

In the meantime, I’ve been watching lots of Olympic sports on TV and WIP Wrestling on the Icarus Shawl. I’m pleased to report that it is coming along (although I would not say nicely. There is a reason that it went into the punishment pile). I am 8 rows from the end and am hopeful about finishing it before the closing ceremony, although it will be tight because every row takes about 45 minutes to complete. It also involves lots of chart reading, which means I can only do it when I am being anti-social. Oh well, I’m sure my family is used to knitting and swearing by now.

In other news, Chuffy the West Highland Terrier has finally turned the corner and is getting better so there is hope that he will not spend the rest of his lifetime with a cone on his head. He may still have to wear it for another week or so though, depending on how fast he heals up. Fingers crossed on that one. He’s getting around pretty well now, despite the cone. It was a big turning point once he realized that the cone did not, in fact, make his legs not work. Silly doggie.

Tomorrow I am headed to Chicago along with my son, which means he’s off to see some friends and then go back to school on Sunday. It’s been a very short three weeks so while it’s been great to have him here, it was definitely not long enough. Our other visitors also came and went, so it’s been a pretty busy place but soon will be slow and quiet again. (Peace and quiet will be good, but I do miss my peoples so hopefully they will come again soon).

I, myself, am off to Stitches Midwest where I’m taking a class from The Crochet Guy (which should be interesting because I’m awful at crochet) and going to reconnect with some dear friends. My only regret is that I can’t fit a spinning wheel in the overhead bin but I suspect that my friends will come up with emergency supplies. I will be bringing some fiber and suspect that some new stuff might possibly also follow me home.

So watch the blog next week, folks. There will be more on steeking, perhaps a finished lace project, and definitely some pics of a large gathering of fiberistas and hugs all around.

See you at Stitches!


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