Where to Start?

It’s been a very busy few weeks in fiber-land, not to mention a bit going on in my ‘real life’ job as well. I returned yesterday from Chicago where I attended Stitches Midwest and got to meet up with most of my favorite Chicago area knitters. I also got to meet some knitting celebrities, which was The Awesome because they are such wonderful, down to earth people. It was just more confirmation of my personal theory that knitters are amazing people. I’m sure there are exceptions but I don’t encounter them very often.

With the closing ceremony for the Olympics occurring last night, the Ravellenic Games has also ended. I’m pretty proud of my performance this year, especially in light of the fact that I took several days out for a business trip and again to attend Stitches. Unlike Tour De Fleece where I fell off my bike in the first week and didn’t accomplish any of what I had planned, I made a good showing in the Ravellenic Games and accomplished a couple of personal milestones including steeking and lacework.

I’ve got pictures to share and new finished works to show you, all of which will be coming this week. Look forward to a week filled with fiber-y goodness, some personal stories and a bit of vicarious fun.

I hope you all had a great weekend too. As for me, I’ve got some work to do before I start sorting through the laundry, photos, and of course the new yarn that sneaked its way into my carry-on bag. I’m proud of myself though. Unlike when we went to Portland for Oregon Flock and Fiber, I was able to get all of the new stash into my bag and did not have to buy an extra bag just to get home.

(Don’t give me that look. You know you’ve done it too. Yes, you…)

Happy week, everyone. Keep reading, I’ve got lots of fiber fun to share.


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