Another Cardigan?

I’ve been on a bit of a sweater binge lately, which is a little odd because it’s been really hot and not exactly sweater weather. That said, I just finished the Tappan Zee cardigan from Knitty and I’m quite pleased with how it came out.

What do you think?

My finished Tappan Zee cardigan. Well, except for the buttons. I approach button selection with all the levity of the nuclear arms reduction talks during the Cold War, so picking buttons could take a while. I’m not sure why, since I never button my sweaters anyway.

I have been on such a finishing binge that I have completed all of my works in progress. I was a bit shocked to find that. When I went back to the UFO (UnFinished Object) rack, it was empty except for a lonely Christmas stocking that needs a bit of fixing on the short-row heel and a quilting project where I need to finish the hand-quilting and bind it.

The only thing I have on the needles is this solitary sock:

My sole knitting work-in-progress. How in the heck did that happen?

It will eventually have a mate, but I feel a bit untethered not to have an ongoing project to work on and drag about with me. After all, in my world, socks don’t really count because they are always on my needles. Not that I don’t love handknit socks, nay quite the opposite, but because I am always working on them as fill-in knitting around other projects.

So, I’m thinking about another cardigan, probably this one, also from Knitty:

The Brunello Cardigan from Lovely.

And of course, there are those three fleeces in the basement that need drum carding, a big backlog of spinning fiber, and some quilting projects. But for the moment, the knitting is caught up. I still can’t believe it . What will I do with myself?

Pick up some cookies, make some tea, and cast on another sweater, I think.


4 thoughts on “Another Cardigan?

  1. Concetta says:

    Your Tappan Zee turned out lovely, Mardee! Brunello looks rather nice too. You seem to be the lone cardigan maker in our group, so I’m cheering you on from the sidelines! 🙂

    My own plans are to clear WIPs, get my obligatory knitting done, and then celebrate by knitting a Sivia Harding shawl in September. Maybe after that I’ll try again on the cardigan idea.

    • mardeeknits says:

      It’s funny but I think I’m pretty heavily influenced by the knitters around me. I never thought I’d ever try a sweater but I joined the group here where lots of people were making them and next thing I knew, I was finishing my first one. That one turned out to be the right size for my sister, not me, so it made a nice gift. Since then, I’ve figured out how to get gauge and make things an accurate size, which has helped a lot and what’s coming off the needles is more satisfying.

      BTW, the Knitty patterns are a great place to start – they are well-written, easy to follow, and offer a variety of sizes.

  2. Dana says:

    Your Tappan Zee looks wonderful and it’s a beautiful color. Will look lovely on you! Congratulations for getting it done. Brunello looks nice especially the edging. Like Concetta, I into getting my WIPS done before I start anything new. Should be done by the end of September. I’m going to the Sheep and Wool festival in Wisconsin on September 8th. Looking forward to that and being with my hubby who has consented to drive the long way up for something he is totally not interested in. Life is good when your husband cares so much about you.

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