Lonely Handknit Day

As I mentioned last week, I find myself in an odd predicament, probably one that most knitters can’t relate to. For the longest time, I had a couple of projects that were literally stuck. In place. Not moving. And I was unable to get started again. The knitterly inertia on these projects was so strong that both had sat unattended for well over a year, just lurking on that WIP rack, waiting for a moment of weakness on my part.

So, to stir the creative juices (or perhaps to give myself a figurative kick in the rear), I entered both in the WIP Wrestling event of the Ravellenic Games. During the Olympics, I worked my little tail off to get them finished. In fact, I got in such a rhythm that I just kept picking more and more small projects off the WIP rack and finishing them off.

All of which led to today, in which I go to sit down and knit a bit, only to find that I’ve nothing to work on but a single sock. Well, and a horrid baby blanket that needs to be frogged, the yarn burned and the ashes buried where no one will find them. (Okay, that might be a little harsh but while this stuff looks pretty and feels soft, it is The Devil to work with).

So, while usually I have a healthy queue of projects going and lots of things to switch back and forth between, I’ve got a new kind of creative block. When you only have one project going, anything new will be a huge commitment. After all, it’s only this new project (whatever I choose) and that lonely sock.

I almost feel as though I need to start several new projects to maintain my desired level of variety but that little voice in my head is telling me that I’ve finally cleared up the WIP rack for the first time in written history and I had d.a.r.n.e.d. w.e.l.l. b.e.t.t.e.r. l.e.a.v.e. i.t. t.h.a.t. w.a.y.

(Hear her? That sounded like a threat!)

In the meantime, babies are being born all around me and there are no handknit items to be gifted! Nary a blanket, nor a sweater, not even a teeny tiny little hat. Not a single bootie.

Winter is coming and I will need woolly sweaters! Lots of them!

Add to that that while most everyone in my family has handknit mittens, I’ve never gotten around to making any for myself. (Okay, except for my family that lives in California. Even in northern California, wool mittens are probably over the top).

My list of potentially needed handknit items goes on and on.

Ravelry has thousands of patterns so it’s not that I lack ideas. If you’ve been reading for a while, you know that I”ve got enough stash to keep myself knitting well into the next decade (after all, you’ve seen the pictures).

So, why am I stuck? I suspect it may be the knitter’s version of writer’s block. So much finishing leads to high expectations for the next project, which has me locked in indecision about what that next project should be. I’ve picked a cardigan that I like, but that means I’ll need to wind the yarn, which for some reason has suddenly become too difficult to contemplate. It’s a new kind of inertia to overcome.

Have you ever had this happen? How did you end the block and get your knitting life back on track?


7 thoughts on “Lonely Handknit Day

  1. caityrosey says:

    There has got to be an appropriate baby blanket funeral speech to read for such an occasion. I know exactly how you feel.

    Regarding your “knitter’s block”…honestly, this hasn’t happened to me yet. All it takes is a trip the yarn store to pet things and, what with one thing and another, I leave with a project’s worth of yarn. I have only twice managed to leave my LYS without buying something.

    Plus, my favorites list on Ravelry is full of things I’d love to make. I’m adding to it all the time.

    • mardeeknits says:

      Usually that’s true for me too and I don’t think I’d have a problem buying yarn. Where I’m stuck is which pattern to pair it with. I forced myself to wind some yarn last night, hopefully that will put me on the slippery slope. I should do more with my favorites on Rav; I spend a lot of time on the forums but am not very good about using the ‘My Notebook’ features.

      • caityrosey says:

        Wow. It’s just hopeless, isn’t it? 🙂

        Well one thing I’ve been saving for a slower time is the items I agreed to make for other knitters who signed up for the knitted object chain letter/blog thingie.

        I need to make small gifts for them inspired by the content of their blogs. Good opportunities to try new sorts of projects I might not otherwise make.

        Maybe that might be something to interest you. Small KOs for future gifting.

      • mardeeknits says:

        Oh, cool idea! Thanks!

  2. I’ve had the knitter’s block once in a while, I usually find casting on a variety of different projects to be helpful. If I spread the “stress” out over a few different projects then I find it easier to get a kick start and get going again. Hope you get your knitting mojo back soon.

  3. Janet Brosh says:

    I hear that you have fleeces to spin. Get the spinning wheel going to spin new yarn for a knitting project.

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