Happy Pickle Day

In my household, we celebrate some offbeat holidays. In fact, I’ll make pretty much anything that I can into a holiday, especially if it involves fun food, sangria, or presents.

For example, at the turn of each season, we celebrate with Westie Haircut Day. Now, I’m not sure that the dogs consider this to be so much of a holiday, nor likely does my husband, who ends up holding the business end of the clippers most of the time, but I always feel good because we’ve made something nicer. The shedding stops, if temporarily, and the Westies look all trim and neat in their haircuts.

Now that fall is approaching, we’re starting to celebrate the cooling of the weather and the arrival of fall foods. I won’t lie, fall is my favorite season. I don’t care for summer all that much, especially summers like this one when the temperature hardly dropped below 90. I get hot and uncomfortable, and let’s face it, no one wants to see me with that many clothes off.

Winter is also a bit of a drag. The first snow is lovely, as are Thanksgiving and Christmas, but when you work from home, there’s no such thing as a snow day. It just means more shoveling and the inconvenience of having to put a coat on every time you leave the house.

So, fall it is. My favorite season. And with fall comes what? Home canning, at least at my house.

On Sunday, we celebrated Pickle Day. My hubby and I went to the local farmer’s market and bought a large bag of cucumbers. My daughter also tried some spicy pickled green beans at the farmer’s market so we decided to give those a shot too, and picked up several pounds of green beans and some jalapeno peppers.

Once home we started the process of sanitizing jars and lids, washing the veggies, and getting the pickling brine ready. My husband is the star jar packer so he packed all the cucumbers into their jars. Caitlin packed the beans, and pretty soon we had jars ready to go into the canner.

We made quarts of whole pickles, pints of sliced pickles, and pints of spicy pickled beans. The result was a lovely bounty on the counter.

Nature’s bounty and a bit of summer put away for the cold months.

I love the way the food looks in the jars. Beautiful.

Jars full of goodness.

3 thoughts on “Happy Pickle Day

  1. Mom says:

    A lot of hard work, but surely worth it – especially the joy of doing it together. Some of the best times I remember were helping my grandmother (Nana) make watermelon pickles at the lake cabin. It was a hot job on a steamy summer day in Iowa but with the lake outside the door cooling off was part of the fun.

  2. Janet Brosh says:

    Is that one of my dishtowels under the jars? Larry will like the pickled jalapeneos.

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