A Bit of the Bull…

Hi, dear readers. I’m going to do a very quick post today. It’s been way too long since I posted but I’m headed off tomorrow morning to the Wool Festival at Taos! I’m sooooo excited!!

In the meantime, though, Colorado’s seasonal change is coming along beautifully. The aspens are giving us their annual show of color and the elk have come down from the high places to gather in harems and make new little elk for next spring.

Hubby and I drove up to Rocky Mountain National Park over the weekend to see the show. Well, that and because I start to get twitchy after a while and then I need some mountains to refresh my psyche and bring me back to my calm self. How I managed to live without mountains for nigh on 45 years is beside me, but now that I have it, a little dose now and then keeps me in good stead.

So, here are a few photos from our drive. If you haven’t been to RMNP, you definitely should put it on your bucket list. Fall is a great time to come because there are fewer tourists, the weather is beautiful, and of course, there are elk!

The colors were just beautiful. Unfortunately, it was a bit overcast and I wasn’t quite able to get the color right but hopefully you’ll enjoy the photo anyway.

This group of cows and their bull were hanging out in the woods just above the road. We didn’t realize he was there at first until he started bugling.

Eventually he emerged from the trees. There were other bulls wandering nearby and I think he wanted to make sure his cows stayed together.

Meanwhile, the Westies were looking kind of worried. Because there were so many elk and they were so close to the cars, they had to stay in the Mustang and watch from a safe distance.

This lone bull alternated between grazing and bugling to see if any cows would come. Sadly for him, none did, at least while we were there,
and eventually he wandered off to try his luck elsewhere.

Meanwhile down the road, this bull had 13 cows in his harem, plus a few smaller elk that we think were probably calves. If you look closely, he’s in the upper right surrounding by two cows and a calf.

Here’s a closer view…

This young bull was in a group of young males that was hanging out by the road watching the people and having a snack.

Eventually they got bored of snacking and decided to have a little friendly sparring practice.

This was such a great experience. Even though this is the second year we’ve gone during elk bugling season, I’m still amazed by these gentle giants and the fact that they will come so close to people.

I hope you all get to come experience it yourselves soon. In the meantime, enjoy the photos and look for updates coming from Taos and the Wool Festival soon!

All images (c) Mardee Brosh. All rights reserved. Please send me a note to ask permission before using my photos, mardee.brosh@gmail.com. Thanks.
Edited to Add: This is not my video and it was taken in Grand Teton National Park but in case you are curious about what an elk sounds like when it is bugling, this is a good example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s78s-FCSUXs&feature=related
Also, here’s a bit from the good folks in Estes Park CO explaining the elk bugling season and what all goes on: http://estes-park.com/elk-bugling-estes

2 thoughts on “A Bit of the Bull…

  1. Janet Brosh says:

    Great pictures.

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