Overworked, Overscheduled, and Cranky

So, it’s early morning here in Colorado and as usual, we’ve had a beautiful sunrise. Unfortunately, also as usual lately, I’ve been too busy to really enjoy it, but my office faces west so perhaps I’ll get in on the sunset instead.

I feel badly because I’ve been neglecting you, my dear readers. Life has just been insanely busy these past few weeks, between business travel, personal travel and simply too much to get done. I haven’t had time to pull the camera out of the bag, not to mention rifling through the photos from New Mexico to find good stuff to share with you. I’ll put it on my list of things to get done soon and hopefully you’ll continue to be patient with me.

I’m over-scheduled to the point today that I started off cranky about it, which really isn’t good. After all, it’s not the fault of the people around me that I have too much to do. In fact, it’s my own fault. As my son would tell you, I’m a joiner and I tend to take on more than I have time for and then get cranky about it when I can’t keep up. What I need to do more effectively is prioritize – and make sure that I’m focused on the right things. The other thing I think I need to do is to sit for a moment in the quiet and think about the many blessings that I have, realizing how lucky I am to be so busy and to have so many things to do.

As a wise man once said,

If God adds another day to our life, let us receive it gladly.

~ Marcus Annaeus Seneca

…even if it’s over-scheduled and there’s too much to do. After all, at least some of it can wait until tomorrow when I’ll be blessed with another day and there will be another sunrise. Life is good, especially if you take time to find a few moments of peace in the midst of the busyness, and remember why you are busy.  Blessings abound, I just have to remember to look for them.

Happy Wednesday, everyone. I hope you find your blessings today too.

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