November is for Thankfulness

As you may know, I’ve been boycotting Facebook for the past couple of weeks. It’s not really because I have anything against Facebook, it’s because there are far too many political statements coming up on my news stream for my comfort. The divisiveness that we have in America today, especially during this election cycle, is saddening and some days more than a bit maddening as well.

So, deciding that since there’s nothing I can do about it, I opted to take a break from Facebook and come back out of my cave after the election results are in.  I’ve already voted so there’s little or no chance for anyone to influence my opinion at this point. (I’m not in Chicago any more, after all, so ‘vote early and often’ isn’t really my slogan).

However, I still get emails when someone posts in one of my Facebook groups so I sneaked back in this morning to respond. While there, I couldn’t help but take a peek at my news stream. What did I find? Well, yes, a few political rants. But also this: People posting about what they are thankful for.

I did a little checking into it and found that this is a cause taken up by a fellow blogger to encourage people to improve the world by thinking every day about what they’re thankful for, through the entire month of November. It didn’t take a lot of thought for me to realize that I LOVE THIS.

I’m one of those crazy sentimental types who for many years has sat down the week before Thanksgiving and sent my colleagues  a thank-you email. One year, when I was running a group of almost 50 people, I managed to say thank you to every single person for something nice they had done that year. The outpouring that came back – both from people who were sincerely touched that I took time to thank them and from people who wanted to thank me in return for my efforts – was worth every bit of the effort it to me to think about all those people and write that email.

So, today, what am I thankful for? Lots of things but here are just a couple:

1) That it’s Friday. I’m not a TGIF kind of person but it’s been a challenging week and I am going to really enjoy not getting up in the dark hours of the morning tomorrow like I did every day this week.

2) That on Monday my daughter starts her first full-time professional job. It’s a culmination of many years of hard work on her part and we could not be more proud.

3) That Thanksgiving is coming soon and along with it, some people we seldom get to see will be joining us around the table for a moment of prayer and a feast of more food than many people see in a lifetime.

4) That I have you, my dear readers, who stick around and read my blabbering even when I wander off and don’t come back for days on end.

That’s a lot for one day. More soon. Meanwhile, please join me – on Social Media or not – in thinking about what you are thankful for this November. I suspect there will be more than you realize.

Thank God every morning when you get up that you have something to do which must be done, whether you like it or not.

~ Charles Kingsley

P.S. Want to participate? Check out the original blog that inspired this here: or click on the 30 Days of Thanks graphic in the sidebar to the left.


Or check out their daily thankful posts on Facebook:


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