I had breakfast with friend this morning and it got me to thinking about who we are and how we present ourselves to the world. You see she was a friend from ‘back home,’ in a matter of speaking. I’ve known her for almost a decade, a fact which I found startling when I started counting…it had only felt like a couple of years had gone by. When we met, she was a newlywed and I was just getting started dating my husband.

Because we live in different cities, we keep track of each other via email and Facebook. So when she happened to be in Denver and would be available to have breakfast together, I was delighted and jumped at the chance.

It was amazing, getting together for the first time in years, to see how much each of us has changed. No longer a newlywed, she’s now divorced and in the process reinvented herself in many ways. In the course of moving across the country from Chicago to Denver, I have in some ways reinvented myself as well. Aside from physical appearances (she looks stunning with long blond hair and a killer dress), we are reinvented on a more fundamental level as well.

You see, we often think of ourselves as fixed beings, with a certain personality and hence a certain set of circumstances. What this caused me to realize is that we aren’t fixed at all – in fact, humans are dynamic beings, constantly reinventing ourselves. We get to be who we choose – giving us almost unlimited capacity for change and growth.

So there we were, vastly different people than we were 10 years ago but still able to catch up as if no time had passed. What a lovely reminder about both true friends and our ability to change who we are and how we present ourselves to the world and still be loved. And what a great moment of serendipity that my friend was called to Denver on a business meeting and had time for a quick breakfast and a deep conversation.

It was a great start to the week.


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