Christmas Cheer (Of the Quilted Variety)

I don’t know what it is about Christmas that makes me turn crafty. Of course, I’m fairly crafty on a regular basis or this wouldn’t be a knitting blog. However, something about Christmas makes me want to bake and sew and turn out all variety of handmade items. Not sure why, I guess it’s just a part of how I celebrate the season. My son likes to joke that I secretly want to work in a sweat shop. (Sarcastic wit, that kid).

Now, other crafters would think about their Christmas crafting and have some sort of plan. In fact, when I worked at the fabric store many years ago, we had people buying Christmas craft stuff in July. But me? Of course not.

So, this is how I happened to be up until the wee hours of the night turning this:


into this:


I think it turned out pretty neat, don’t you?

Now if you are the optimistic type like I am, you would think this is very close to done and in fact ought to be covering that bare part around the bottom of the tree by the end of the week. But you would be wrong.  You see, I like to hand-quilt and while the finished process is always lovely, it’s also crazily time consuming.

We’ll see how well I manage to control my scope on this one. After all, that tree looks kinda bare and while it seems early, time seems to fly by this time of year.

However you choose to prepare (or not) for the season, I wish you the best. And I wish you wisdom not to make yourself crazy with optimistic last-minute projects like I do.

Happy Holidays, all!


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