Self-Knowledge and Puppy Buying

It’s funny how, as we grow older, we come to know ourselves better. When I was young, I was so certain I knew everything about everything and there was nothing new to learn (sorry Mom). Nowadays, though, I like to think myself much more self-aware. I probably still have my blind spots but I’m getting better at spotting trends and figuring myself out.

This morning, out of the blue, I had the strongest urge to get a puppy. Not another Westie (oddly, because I adore Westies) but a black Labrador.  Fluffy and cute with a fat tummy and the requisite pee spots all over my house.  So, I thought, that’s kind of a weird thing to suddenly want, especially when you already have two dogs who are mostly potty trained and both people in the house travel for a living.

I set about thinking it through, to see if I could figure it out. And eventually it dawned on me. Each time one of my kids moved out, I had this sudden, puppy-shaped hole in my heart. Transference, I guess. So what is today’s puppy buying urge created by? My daughter and her boyfriend, who have been living with us, both are settled in jobs, have found a darling apartment and will be moving out on Saturday.

So, clearly, the last thing I need three weeks before Christmas (and with a business trip next week, no less), is a puppy. Nor do I think my husband would approve. Dog lover that he is, he is much better than I am at knowing our limits. So, I guess I’ll not get a puppy today. Perhaps I’ll just find some video clips on YouTube and hug a Westie. Hopefully that will take care of it until the urge passes.


One thought on “Self-Knowledge and Puppy Buying

  1. Susan says:

    I have this feeling every single day, but sadly I’m not in a place to follow through either! I love Westies!

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