The Christmas Post

So, it’s the last working day before the Christmas holiday and for me, at least, may be the last time I’m on my computer until after Christmas. Working in IT, I spend 8 to 10 hours a day at the computer so any time I can get away from it, it feels like a vacation.

Before I wrap up the week and head off for the tinsel/sugary baked goods/music we only hear once a year but then til we are sick of it extravaganza, I wanted to take a minute to wish you, my dear readers, a very happy holiday season. Whether you celebrate Solstice, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanza, or something else, I hope that your holiday is a great one.

I wish you:

* Time with your loved ones, even the ones that kind of make you crazy.

* A chance to relax and enjoy the quiet of lights, music, and a spirit that moves you.

* The excitement of children who know that gifts are incoming.

* The joy of eating foods you love but only let yourself have once a year because the doctor or your physical trainer wouldn’t approve.

* The knowledge that there is something bigger at work here on our earth than just the day-to-day struggle and that we are lucky to be part of it.

For those of you who get the blues around the holidays, I send you my thoughts, prayers, and a digital hug. We love you, don’t forget that. Ever.

Merry Christmas everyone, and may your chosen Higher Power bless you in the New Year.



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