Oh, The Precious!

Every now and then a little guy comes along that you absolutely must knit for. My family had a recent arrival of this sort. He’s a very special baby. You see, the next child in that generation is now 18, making this a very long-waited for baby indeed.

And of course, we all think he’s adorable:

Baby Dylan. Adorable

Baby Dylan. Adorable.

And of course, in the life of any new baby in my family a little hand-knitting must fall. In eager anticipation of his arrival, I planned and executed a little project of my own:

Much Knitted Baby Stuff.

Knitted Baby Stuff.

The sweater was particularly fun to do, since it’s simple cabling but lets you add owls down the front of the sweater. For wisdom, my dear boy. A blessing from Athena, if you will.

Owl Cables. Fun!

Owl Cables. Fun!

We all send our own blessings to you too, little guy.  We love you and know you’re going to grow up to be smart as a whip and possibly a bit zany (not unlike the rest of us).

Welcome to the family.


6 thoughts on “Oh, The Precious!

  1. Aww what a beautiful gift for a beautiful baby! He’s one lucky boy!

  2. Janet Brosh says:

    Is the baby your Portland cousin’s baby? The knitting group here has knit several ‘owl’ sweaters for a friend/relative expecting babies.

    • Mardee says:

      Yes, it’s for Laura who you met when we were out there last. We’re on a budget these days (until the business really takes off) but I hope to make a visit one of these days to meet the little guy and see everyone.

  3. Laura says:

    We love the sweater outfit! Dylan is starting to fill out some and I think soon the sweater will fit him just right. Will definitely post pictures!

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