Ever have one of those moments that just stops you in your tracks? I had one of those this morning. I guess I wax a bit more poetic during the season of Lent but my Sunday School kids have me filling up a gratitude jar and this morning is definitely going in it.

You see, I stayed up a bit too late last night watching one of those restaurant rescue shows. I don’t know why I like these shows. While I like to eat in restaurants, a life of food service would not be for me. So when the alarm went off this morning, even the Westies weren’t too keen on getting up. But, get up we did and headed downstairs to what is always my very first destination – the coffee maker.

The doggies wanted to go out first, so I headed to the patio door and that is when I saw it, and was awestruck.

You see, Colorado is known for picturesque beauty. We have gorgeous sunrises, but the main living area of our house faces west and frankly, we just don’t spend that much time looking to the east so we usually miss them. (But we enjoy daily sunsets which are equally lovely).  It must have been a trick of the light this morning because facing west, the entire hillside was lit up with golden light. It was a transitory moment, too. Just as I thought to go for the camera, the clouds moved in and the moment was gone.

Maybe there’s a lesson in that though. In the days when we all have a camera-phone in our pocket and we digitally record every interesting moment, this particular day will live on only in my memory. That makes it a bit harder to share, but it does mean that for the one moment, I was really experiencing it – not through the lens of a camera, but real. Direct. Intense. And then it was gone.

A lot of moments of life are like that – real life passes us by while we are busy checking Facebook on our cell phones. (This is not an accusation – I’m as guilty as anyone). What I will take from this is that I need to put down the phone, put away the camera and the computer, and fully experience life every now and then. It’s good for the soul.

Now to go put this in the gratitude jar. Happy Thursday everyone.


2 thoughts on “Awestruck

  1. Mom says:

    I’m so glad that you wrote about this. It’s kind of like the old saying, “stop and smell the roses”, and I agree with your comments on the use of technology to capture these moments. We often think that if we freeze it in time with a photo, we will have the memory forever. But once we take the photo we seem to consider it done, and never look at it again. Yes, pictures are great but they don’t capture a moment like this that engages every sense, not just sight. Your description gave me a wonderful “picture”, the quality of the early morning light, the crispness in the air, the huffing and exuberance of your dogs, the craving for coffee, the scent of a new day. Thanks, I needed that.

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