Random Days, or On Westies and Furnace Guys and Insurance Billing Plans

I love those days when you get up with a focus, a list of things you’re going to accomplish, and a state of flow in which you’ll do them. Today, however, is not one of those days.

Today is a disjointed day, when I have a single conference call and it coincides with when the furnace guy is here to service my air conditioners. (There was a 1 in 8 chance, go figure).

Today is a day when I start on one thing, get to a point where it feels hard, and then lurch to another, looking for a state of flow where I can dig in and actually finish something. Feel productive, make an impact.

Today is a day when the weather is changing and my joints hurt. And when every gust of wind or rabbit in the yard sends the Westies barking furiously and dashing for the door. Perhaps they’re a little unsettled today too.

Today is just going to be one of those days. Not in a sad way, not in a heartbreaking way, just a day when things don’t quite click and you do the best that you can.

Life’s like that sometimes. Some days give you joy, and some days you push your way through.

So here’s to¬†perseverance, to pushing your way through the days where you have to work just a little harder to get the basic stuff done, and to realizing how lucky you are that it is just that – and not a sad, heartbreaking day after all.

Hugs to all of you and here’s hoping that my state of flow has decided to visit you instead and will be back where it belongs tomorrow. After all, I have a pile of insurance billing plans to analyze for my customer and there are no elves for this particular task.


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